Monday, 31 December 2012

Reviewing the year

It's that time of year when one looks back on what one has achieved over the year.  For me I feel I have had the best year ever for my writing and I finally feel as if something is happening.  I am spending longer writing, I've actually got back into writing stories (which I never thought would happen) maybe because I am writing for myself and not aiming it at a particular market.  I just don't write those stories you see in women's magazines.  I read them occasionally but I don't write them.  I am not sure where my writing would fit in but I am enjoying it, whether it's good or bad!

To assess my achievements this year:

  • I have had seven poems printed in the Open University Poets Workbook, one of which I am hoping will make it to the Anthology (only one poem per member is published and it comes down to members votes).  Those poems left will be freed up to submit elsewhere.
  • Four poems published in Areopagus, one was a competition winner (£10 prize)
  • Runner up in an online poetry competition with Foyles (signed copy of a book)
  • Two poems published with What the Dickens? magazine
  • Runner up with Poetry Forum (online) (£5 Amazon voucher).

Against that I have had eight poems rejected but I still have five 'out there' waiting for a yes or no. I entered my first pamphlet competition which I am still waiting to hear on also and have taken part in several poetry courses/workshops/forums throughout the year.

So what is next?  Well, keep writing for one.  Target some different small press magazines, enter competitions, just keep on doing what I'm doing and network!

My proudest achievement is being published in What the Dickens?  The feeling that gave me was wonderful and I was actually shaking when I heard.

I'm looking forward to the Small Stones writing (begins tomorrow) and reading the contributions of others taking part.

I find New Year exciting starts, new adventures, new skills to learn.  I hope your New Year will also be both exciting and rewarding.  Cheers!

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