Sunday, 23 September 2012

Holiday writing

Just got back from a week in Cromer on the North Norfolk coast.  I was very good and took an exercise book to write in and a book about writing poetry.  I intended to do some of the exercises but I needed some poetry to look at.  The cottage had lots of paperback novels but no poetry books (um....wonder why?).  I tried writing one poem but it never 'clicked'.  I did however do a proper first draft of a poem I tried to write last year after my holiday in Hull, the notes from which happened to be in the exercise book!  I feel I have a handle on it now so progress might be made.

Another piece of writing I started was a short story.  The idea was from my 'morning pages' and I began to piece together the bones of it.  Trouble is I haven't quite worked out the plot.  I have several ideas but none of them really feels right.  Still at least I have got a few handwritten pages to type up but I don't feel I can go on until I have more of an idea where this is going.

I've also had a letter from a lady who belongs to OU Poets, like me, and she has asked if she can have my permission to translate 6-8 of my poems into Romanian for a literary magazine there.  We are in contact at present about that.  I'm flattered!  Had a look at the website.  Of course it's all in Romanian so I can't read it but it looks good.  The magazine is published online and also as a hard copy.

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  1. How wonderful to be asked for permission to have your poems published. I know the feeling when my photos get recognition.
    And it once took me two years to write one of my short stories - begun on holiday in Shropshire and finished after a holiday in Herefordshire!