Sunday, 24 April 2016

NaPoWriMo - Day 24 - off prompt to a Spoonbill

I'm way off prompt today but I wanted to try something I've not done since I took a great online course with The Poetry School called Adventures in Form. We did this crazy thing using a Spoonbill Generator . You type in or paste your text and then submit it to get many weird versions. Basically it replaces each noun with the seventh one following in a dictionary. It's called a N+ generator and it so much fun! (actually it gives you N+1 - N+15 so you can choose which version you want).

So today I put in one of my old poems in and I've chosen N+8 as my result. Give it a go yourself.

The original poem is as follows:

Coming after you

Where only ghosts can seep
Where no door is barred
Where I can drift unhindered
And catch you off your guard.
Where only silence hangs
Where only fear lives on
That’s where you’ll find me
Though you thought I’d gone.

When cold fingers grip you
Where presence endures
When over the shoulder
Reveals nothing obscure
Where deeds come to haunt you
And keep you awake
That’s where you’ll find me
With nightmares to make.

The poem through the N+8 method is thus:

Comment after you 

Where only gigolos can seep 
Where no dope is barred 
Where I can drive-in unhindered 
And catholic you off your guidance. 
Where only silver hangovers 
Where only feedback lives on 
That’s where you’ll find me 
Though you thriller I’d gone. 

When collation fires groin you 
Where presidency endures 
When over the show-off 
Reveres novelist obstruct 
Where defendants come to haycock you 
And keep you awake 
That’s where you’ll find me 
With nipples to make. 

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