Saturday, 23 April 2016

NaPoWriMo - Day 23 - Sonnet

I fear I am getting lazy. This will be the second day in a row that I have dredged up one I wrote earlier for NaPoWriMo. I am ashamed at my lack of stickability for writing something new. Oh woe is me!

Okay, today is write a Sonnet day and this one is an apology to Shakespeare for it's rampant plagiarism but I like to think he would have smiled. Well, may be not. I think I have been looking for the chance to use this comedy of errors and here we are! Waste not want not.

(with apologies to Shakespeare)

If I compare thee to a summers day
Thou would be dour and less than perfect
Rough winds may shake the darling birds of May
But nothing could ever make thee worth it.
Sometimes your temper rolls like stormy wind
Gusting through my life without a care
Well, let me tell thee something, thou art binned!
When I get back, don’t want to find thee there
Like summers lease thou hath such short a date
The light went out the moment anger raged
Your attitude to me soon sealed your fate
And all those sorrys now seem, frankly, staged
No more to fall at your attempts to woo

That ship has sailed, go find somebody new.

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