Saturday, 22 March 2014

The muse is alive and well

I'm not sure why but I've been toying with the idea of writing a story again (even though I am supposed to be editing one I finished last year....I have started!). I think perhaps it is the need to have a longer period of writing and really letting it get under my skin that prompted me to consider this.

Some months ago I made attempt at setting out some characters and flimsy plot to a story then did a bit of research and set it aside. The urge left me.Though I considered this now one it wasn't the story I wanted to go back to. Then I remembered another story I began even longer a few years. I got into it initially then ran out of steam. I dug it out and read what I'd written and found I still liked it. My pen was on the paper and I was away again. So the last few mornings I have written two or three pages (handwritten) and spent some time typing up some of the beginning. This morning I decided that I should be delving into the characters and working out how the story was going to continue because when I began the story I just jumped in with a vague idea and no real character backgrounds etc. Now was the time before I get too far in that I'm getting dates, places and people all mixed up! Piecing it all together I ended up with a family tree.

I'm actually loving this story. I'm not even thinking about publishing aspects because I want to really submerge myself into the characters. I'd almost forgotten the sheer pleasure and obsessiveness of writing a story (dare I even consider it lengthening into a novel!). The ideas are coming and I'd quite happily lock myself away in a room and write to all the words ran out. But, I have another life and right now there's so much going on, so with difficulty I have to try and switch off. It's not easy as I find myself wandering around with my head full of characters, what I'll write next, how to develop the story and just living it. Already I've fallen in love with one of the characters, not literally - it's a woman and she's got a voice and personality which writes itself.

Now I've mentioned this I expect the muse will leave me and the story will get shelved for another few years. I realise that once the novelty has worn off I'll have to push myself, but I'm hoping to see it through. I've even thought there might be a prequel in it - now there's a thought!

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