Friday, 31 January 2014

Distractions...or what stops me writing!

We all have them, those distractions, excuses etc., that stop us from writing. My problem is that I indulge in too many things, over commit myself and begin then to wear down.

If anyone who reads this also reads my other blog you will know that I am attending several courses both online and at a London College which have nothing to do with writing at all. Then there are my regular classes, sport on a Friday (I'll be off shortly!) and singing in Euphonix Community Choir on Wednesdays.. Occasionally these things clash, say when a concert comes up on a Friday. This is happening in two weeks time and though I will really miss playing my sport, my music comes first.

If I had to list my main interests in life - those I couldn't live without - it would be music, writing, reading (but there are so many offshoots from these!) I guess I could live without playing sport, but I've played some sport practically all my life and when I had to give up for a while through injury it was a awful. I've been back playing for about two years now and hope to go on well into my senior years.

But back to writing. I have actually put a great deal of work 'out there' this month and I am beginning to edit my story. Yet I know I have over committed myself with all these other courses and I am really looking forward to half term when only choir will meet. I guess having an inquiring mind is good for a writer. Certainly some of my other interests have produced a piece of writing, or given me ideas for writing but I find a new interest exciting and these then send out little threads to possible new fields of study, either within an interest category or a completely new one. (I forgot to mention my interest in art history - all those galleries and exhibitions to never ends!).

I've always had these interests but since the early 2000's these interests have taken off, by which I mean I want to study them. Blame the Open University....that was the start of it all! My writing has also always been there but again I began taking it more seriously around the same time, so now all my interests are competing! However, I'd say that writing was the very first interest I had as a actually music was there too. I was writing lyrics at a young age!  Oh heck, when I think about it sport was the only thing I enjoyed at school. I was good at running and netball.  You see? However, I am a late developer. Having left school at fifteen I am now finding a passion for learning.

I feel I am rambling now! At the moment I have an idea for a series of poems, perhaps to work towards a pamphlet. Despite all these other distractions I am finding some time to write. Of course I haven't even started on the everyday distractions of housework and the aimless doing nothing while trying to work out what to do! Also at the moment I am running a short Bible study group for our Mothers' Union branch which means a period of preparation for me and hosting the small group one evening a week. My diary is pretty packed up until almost Easter but I bet I'll be fitting something else in if I can, even when I say I won't!

One thing is for sure, my life is never dull and everything I learn can be used somewhere in the lines of a poem or story. I'm going now......yes really......I have badminton and short tennis courts waiting for me and as I'm going to have to miss a few weeks I want to make the most of it!

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