Thursday, 18 October 2012

Writing day and thoughts about an online soap!

I decided to give this day over to write as there is nothing else on as such.  Yesterday I sent off three poems as competition entries (all for the same comp) and two poems for the next OU Poets Workbook.

Today I've been looking again at a story I started at least a year ago, maybe two!  My ideas for writing this was to perhaps publish it online as a sort of online soap.  It's written in small chunks, changing scenes quite quickly like a TV soap.  It is based on a community in the not quite Emerdale, but there are farms!  Also the idea came from something similar I did at work years ago, posting up a new episode every week.  Well, I'm back working on it.  In fact reading J.K. Rowling's book A Casual Vacancy reminded me of my 'soap'.  Her book is great and I've really warmed to certain characters and hate others.  I'm over half way through it now and really into it.

So, I am toying with idea of posting perhaps the first edition of my story up here for some feedback, especially as story writing has taken a back seat with me for so long.  I can't say when I'll do it.  Some urging and support required here!!

Well I think it's time for a break and some fresh air.  I need to think where my 'soap' is going next.


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