Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Poem published and I'm on a high!

A cheery picture from my garden
I'm buzzing...I really am.  I've had a poem published in What the Dickens Magazine.  Do go and have a look.  My poem is on page 35.  It's a fab magazine, glossy colour and each edition is themed (this one is Pumpkins).  I had to write a little piece about myself and there is a link leading directly here.

Since this news I have been writing like crazy!  Remember the short story idea?  I have found a plot and yesterday I wrote about 1,200 words and in the afternoon drafted out the next part in long hand.  I think I'm getting a little sidetract with one character who seems to be making herself known.  Weird!

I felt very guilty that I was spending so much time writing or thinking about my story.  I remember what it was like years ago when I wrote stories and just drifted into a the world of my characters.  I'd not be bothered about eating or anything.  Of course then I was single and living at home.  Now I have many other commitments as well as other hobbies!  Then I started wondering about what I was writing.  Is this taking me from my poetry?  After all poetry is my first priority as I love writing it and it actually gets published!  So many thoughts going round my head.

Anyway, my magazine submissions has got me thinking a lot.  WTD magazine encourage you to tweet.  I've never done this but I asked my youngest son to help me set up a Twitter account this morning.  Heck it's like a new world!  I haven't the foggiest what I'm doing.  I had to ask my son how to compose a tweet.  When I have more idea of what I am doing I will try to link this blog to twitter.  Don't hold your breath!

Now I have to get myself dressed......oh shame...blogging before I am even decent.  I have an appointment with the dentist and hygienist.  Anyone like to take my place?

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