Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Being in the public domain

Some pretty flowers!
Spent some time yesterday sorting through poems that I could send to OU Poets for their next Workbook.  Did a little editing....one I changed the tense from past to present as it felt better that way. So this  morning I emailed three poems to them and included comments about my favourite poems from their last edition.

Writing a blog has been a work in progress and still is really.  I am not particularly IT savvy so I learn as I go along (a bit like writing in general).  My son (the genius!) is very helpful and very patient.  I often call on him when I get stuck.  He just clicks here and there, types in lightning speed (where did he learn such speed - I used to be a 70wpm girl!) and I say 'what did you just do?'  Often he says 'I've shown you this before!'  Yes, he has and I am sure that at the time I will remember next time but do I?  Anyway, I'm kinda getting off the point. What I was getting to is that since blogging I finally (and reluctantly) set up a Facebook page and now I'm uploading albums of photos and sharing with my small band of 'friends'.  That got me into other things and now I write reviews for Artfinder (just my views on a picture or an exhibition I've been to).  I am still very cautious about being out there in the public domain but it gives me more writing opportunities for fun.

It would be good to get feedback on my blogs, so if you read this one or one of my others do tick a box or just say a word or two to encourage me.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about your son 'helping out' with the IT side of things. I feel pretty confident most of the time when using my PC, but now and again you have to ask something and, as you say, they just go click, enter, type, click and it's done and I find myself asking the same question: What did you do? They then tell you, in just the same lightning speed, so you never really find out and then they give a big sigh when you ask again!
    Good luck with your Blog. I love writing mine. Must read more of your work.