Sunday, 13 May 2012

More poetry to my ears

Been having more fun with poetry exercises.  This time by putting together song titles together in the form of  a poem and using one word from the title in the title of the next!  Oh! I have wasted so much time on Spotify putting this together but I ended up with two poems, the second of which I was pretty pleased with.  I did use a few joining words so they made a bit more sense, but I kept them to a minimum.  Have a go yourself. Can you do anything better?  I'm sure you can.  Do comment!  Post yours here too.  Go on, I dare you! (PS there is a small error...can you spot it? Hint: 1st poem!)

The Pain of Love (Poem 1)

Love hurts;                                                         (Jim Capaldi)
When I fall in love,                                           (Nat King Cole)
before I fall to pieces,                                    (Razorlight)
before the lobotomy,                                    (Green Day)
could you be the reason,                              (Akon)
could it be forever?                                        (David Cassidy)

Be my baby,                                                       (Ronettes)
tell me baby -                                                    (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
tell it like it is                                                      (Tracy Chapman)
it’s a sin to tell a lie,                                         (The Ink spots)
a beautiful lie.                                                   (30 Seconds to Mars)

Beautiful day,                                                    (U2)
strange and beautiful;                                   (Aqualung)
Romeo and Juliet                                             (Dire Straits)
you and I;                                                            Lady GaGa)
call it what you want,                                     (James Morrison)
call it wishful thinking;                                    (Polar Caps)
when I’m thinking about you                      (The Sundays)
your love is my love                                        (Whitney Houston)

What is love?                                                     (Howard Jones)
Love is strange,                                                 (Mickey & Sylvia)
a strange arrangement,                                                (Mayer Hawthorne)
a certain romance                                            (Arctic Monkeys)
what am I doing here?                                   (Chicane)
It’s doing my head in,                                     (Saravah Soul)
head over my heels                                        (Tears For Fears)
when love takes over.                                   (David Guetta/Kelly Rowland)

And I love you so                                             (Don McLean)
I love you so much it hurts                           (John Prine)

On the Road (Poem 2)

Standing in the road                                                       (Blackfoot Sue)
in a big country                                                                 (Big Country)
the in crowd (are)                                                            (Bryan Ferry)
down on the corner                                                        (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Up around the bend                                                       (CCR)
the man from Nazareth (went)                                  (John Paul Jones)
from here to eternity.                                                   (Georgio)
Eternity is....                                                                       (De-Phazz)

the way it is;                                                                       (Bruce Hornsby)
the more you live the more you love;                     (Flock of Seagulls)
love the one you’re with                                              (Will Young)
one day at a time.                                                            Akon/Enrique Iglesias)

Time after time,                                                                               (Cyndi Lauper)
block after block,                                                             (Mel & Kim)
new kids on the block,                                                   (New Kids on the Block)
kids in the street (are)                                                   (All-American Rejects)
dancing in the street (and)                                          (Martha Reeves & the Vandella’s)
standing in the road.                                                      (Blackfoot Sue)

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