Saturday, 21 April 2012

Working with dreams

Dreams are funny things, well some of mine are! I know I've written about using dreams as a way into stories and poems before but lately I've had two good ideas from my dreams. The last one was very audible as I had music ringing in my ears! But it was also quite vivid and as soon as I got up I knew where I wanted to go with this and I scribbled everything down.  It is still in draft form but I will leave it now and come back to is another time and see how it works.

A previous dream was also very vivid, funnily enough also with a link to music, but also art (two of my other passions so is it any wonder I dream about them!), but it was also about a meeting with someone I didn't know but there was a great attraction! Again this provided material for a poem which I am still working on.

Don't dismiss dreams because often they place you in positions you might not find yourself in real life and you can use as much or as little of the original dream in your writing.  All you need is an idea from that dream which will take you to an interesting place or different situation, evoke a whole span of emotions that can be captured. My dreams are often very noisy, I don't know why. Music does seem to feature quite a lot as I have heard the most wonderful music, something I'd not heard in waking life!  I also dream in colour, so it's full on!

A writer needs inspiration and if dreams can be used to flush out ideas then use them.

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