Saturday, 4 November 2017

Day Four - 10,000 words (NaNoWriMo)

I'm so excited. I reached the 10,000 word mark today and got my next writing badge. Having a free day today has helped. Once I dealt with the ironing, which has been haunting me all this week, I got to it. The weather today has been pretty awful and that helped because when the weather is good I want to be outside doing something else.

Half of those 10,000 words was written today. One complete short story (yes, I'm still going with that collection idea) was written. I'm into another long story and others have titles and basic notes made. I'm feeling quite hopeful that this will work.

Meanwhile, I broke off from NaNoWriMo yesterday (or was it the day before - it's all becoming a blur) to write a 500 piece for Visual Verse.

I'm finding my stories are taking over my life. I'm planning them (or mulling them over) when I go to bed, while I'm walking down the road. I have a special music mix for one story I'm writing. It sets the atmosphere. I also find that the stories affect my mood and sometimes I need a break. This is a rather unsettling collection after all. I think I'll need to put a couple of humorous stories in there to lighten things. At the end of the month (after I've had a chance to collapse and revive) - maybe after Christmas - I should be able to choose the strongest. I'm hoping there will be enough to choose from, and of course they will need editing.

Unlike when I wrote my novel for NaNoWriMo a few years back I have been editing a little as I go. It's easier with short stories. Editing a novel seems so much more daunting than a story.

I said to my husband just now that (and maths not being my strong point) I've completed one fifth of my total word count. Yes, he said (I was so glad he agreed with my calculation), that's 20%. Is it, I asked. That's sounds even better!

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