Thursday, 22 June 2017

Characters asserting themselves!

I was reading a comment on a writing community group page on Facebook recently. Someone asked if anyone had every created a blog for any of their characters. Wow! Now there's an idea. I've been thinking about this and not sure how it would work but I rather like this.

Anyway, while I'm not currently doing any novel writing or editing my old characters still buzz around inside my head sometimes. I wonder what they are up to now and whether I will ever revisit them, give them other stories.

One I want to return to at some time is Ashington (though I've never tried conventional publication, and to be honest I just love writing it. I adore the characters and thinking of new situations for the villagers to cope with). I have a few ideas for a next book but no overall running thread through a revisit. However, last night I wrote what you see below - a letter from one of the characters to me, the author. I thought I'd share it with you. It was fun to write and that's what this business of writing is about in the end. Of course it may stir your interest as to what I did to these people and want to read it should it ever gets into publication!

Dear author of Ashington,
 There is a rumour going around that you have made some notes about the village and are bringing in a new family. You do know you still have some loose ends to tie up after your last visit? I mean, really. How could you do that? And what’s this I hear that you are writing those flashy fiction things. They’ll never get you anywhere. You need our story and if you don’t get back here soon some of the villagers are threatening to write their own parts. Just imagine if Kev does that. No one will be safe.
 I’ve had Ted out keeping the garden nice for when you come back, though why after your treachery, I do not know. Jason is now doing the morning papers. Pru’s only gone and given him his own set of keys for the shop. Oh you knew that. I don’t know why you allowed that to happen. It has disaster written all over it.
 And I really think you should put a stop to Ivy and that Italian man. They slobber over one another like teenagers and now you’ve given him the cafĂ© next door. If you think I’m going in there you are mistaken. And what did you do to our poor vicar? He was a nice peaceful man before you brought his wayward brother back into his life. I still don’t know what that was all about. I don’t like it that you don’t tell me anything and Ted’s no use. He’d never make a spy. Maybe you should just stay away. But if you have to write about us all I’m telling you now, I want a bigger part – bigger than Pru’s, and I want another term on the PCC so I can stop these modern ideas taking hold. We are a traditional church here in Ashington and don’t you forget it!
 Your truly,
 Audrey Harris (Mrs)


  1. This made me smile. I don't know though, we can't have characters getting above themselves. They should show more respect to the one who brought them into existence!

  2. Glad it made you smile. Oh don't worry my characters don't always get what they want. I like to see them suffer!