Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Two acceptances in as many days!

I have a couple of things to brag about today....oh do let me brag! Actually, I'm thrilled because it's been a super week. A short story of mine has been accepted by a magazine which is available digitally and in print (details later in the year), and a poem I submitted at the weekend is available to view on Visual Verse. Do go over and have a look. You will need to scroll down a fair way.

These are new outlets for my work and it's all down to the Mslexia Small Press Guide. That's where I found these presses, along with many more. I had to wait for their submission windows to open and now they are. Over the last three or four days I've gone submission crazy and I've had two acceptances in that time. Mad! The poem is the first one I think I've actually had accepted this year. I've had much better luck with my fiction - flash and short stories. I'm feeling a little crazy right now. It's such a good feeling!


  1. Congratulations! Lovely to hear such good news.

  2. Thanks. It was such a strange week, rather heady!