Sunday, 12 June 2016

Rushing to hit that deadline

My characters came to call so on the morning of the day I left for my holiday I was tapping away on my laptop at some unearthly hour! Everything was coming fast and had to be written. Since returning five days ago not a word has been written. It will happen. I've stopped panicking about it.

Instead I have this morning submitted a selection of twenty poems to mslexia's pamphlet competition. I only considered it last night and the deadline is tomorrow! I had the right amount of poems on a theme, looked at them again, re-edited some and decided in which order they would appear. This morning I did final tweaks, re-ordered the sequence and submitted. The result is announced in November.

There are a few other poetry competitions coming up I may enter but right now I'm just recovering from the stress of formatting page numbers and actually submitting! I find all rather traumatic.

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