Sunday, 15 May 2016

While I was away

There hasn't been much writing going on in the last two weeks as I've been on holiday. I did keep an eye on things - email, twitter, Facebook on my tablet (which drives me up the wall but serves its purpose). One thing which excited me was to find that one of my poems had made Poem of the Day on I'm not quite sure how this was achieved but I think it's down to the number of views. I guess you have to get so many. I noticed I had over 900 views for this particular poem. Scriggler had put a nice picture together with the first part of the poem written over the top. and tweeted it. What did I gain from this? Well, I had some more hits, a couple of new followers and some comments on Scriggler about the poem as well as more re-tweets.

The only writing going on during my holiday was writing up my diary....just the places we'd been because I soon forget which day we did what. However, one morning over breakfast in Durham I drafted a little poem as I thought about how my characters might be missing me! I've since edited it and have posted it to Scriggler as well as my Facebook page. It was a fun one to write.

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