Friday, 29 April 2016

NaPoWrMo - Day 29 - I remember

The penultimate poem for April in the NaPoWriMo challenge. The prompt is to write a poem on the theme of I remember. I found great pleasure in writing this....all that nostalgia! This is perhaps one of my most revealing poems about growing up, of the ordinary days, and I think most people of my era will associate with at least some (if not) most of it. There is one line in there which I think might get you wondering....ah the freedom of childhood back then!

My Nana, Mum, my brother and me!

Back Then

I remember the year of 1965, a tent in the garden,
               Mr Tambourine Man on the radio, June, the heat.
I remember Monday mornings, washing flapping
               on the line, clean-sheet smell, cold meat for lunch
I remember those long school holidays, grey August days,
               clouded and wet before the sun and steaming fences
I remember wearing my jeans in the blazing heat and
               a bikini in the garden, red blotches on white skin
I remember the dart board on the shed door, the knife
               I used to arrow into the grass, the thud, the holes!
I remember watching insects for hours, the ants moving eggs,
               the woodlice I kept in a box, the worms I cradled.
I remember my brother’s scooter I raced round the corner
               of what we called the concrete (these days aka patio!)
I remember building an assault course for the dog, getting her
               to jump the sticks, and here I honed my footballing skills
I remember the hours spent in my room inventing new games,
               listening to rock and pop, taping the top twenty on Sundays.
I remember before we had a video the arguments over programmes,
               and then with a video arguments over what to tape
I remember how I took it all for granted, the safety, the love,
               the family unit, the laughter. I remember.

I will always remember.

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