Sunday, 10 April 2016

NaPoWrMo - Day 10 (Book titles poem)

I'm not doing well in the write a poem every day lark. I missed another day yesterday. Today I'm in early before other things creep in and take over my Sunday. The prompt for today is to write a poem using book titles. The suggestion is to take a selection of books from a shelf and write down the titles in order or mix them around. Ah, this was a suggestion I could handle!

So, I took the books on my 'waiting to go to a charity shop' pile and used them in the order in which I read them (bottom to top). I added only a few words to help it read better. I spent longer on the title than actually writing the poem. I'm still not happy with the title. Anyway here it is:

Journey (a brief history in book titles, aka Spines!)

And Then There Were Nuns
in the Cake Shop in the Garden.
The Silkworm, The Zig Zag Girl
And The Sea Singer
departed for The Gardens of The Dead.
Our Endless Numbered Days
hang, and Before I Go To Sleep
the Quality of Silence speaks;
And Man Created God in

The Scent of The Night.

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