Monday, 18 April 2016

NaPoWriMo - Day 18 - off prompt - random five words

Most of poems have been written really fast this month. I've tried not to overthink things. Not sure if fast is a good idea but it has made me focus and decide quickly what I'm writing. Today I've decided to go off prompt for NaPoWrMo and write a moon poem. I have over the last couple of years been writing a series of moon poems (some better than others!). This time, even before I decided on the theme I picked five random words (a device I use to get me writing when ideas don't come). Here they are and the poem that came out of them.

(random words) leaf       Black     marathon            hour       ivory

Your ivory face, full in the black sky
with jewels at your fingertips,
chasing the sun.

It’s a marathon journey, global;
you’ll never catch him, though
you have caught me.

I watch you arc hour by hour
then fade like a skeleton leaf

in the blue sky morning.

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