Tuesday, 12 April 2016

NaPoWriMo Day 12 - The Index Poem

Here we are at day 12 of NaPoWriMo and today's poem was a tricky one. The idea is to write an Index poem. There is an example on the website. I tried to go with that example and grabbed the first book with an index I had close to hand. I struggled to begin with and then frustrations began surfacing - about what I'd started and about the frustrations of writing. So, I went with the feeling and wrote them down! I returned to certain lines to come up with a different interpretation or change the index word which would work better to my advantage. It was a hard one this, but I do hope you appreciate the effort put in!

(First words are taken from The Lion Encyclopedia of the Bible)

Agrippa, see Herod
Almond, the only nut in the box apart from me is
Archaeology, the ruins of my writing is a form known as
Ass, an animal that pulls carts or writes (see Oxen) is an

Baking, to take one’s mind from negative thought consider
Bliss, when the manuscript is finished, and before the panic, comes

Calendar, not a day goes by when I don’t consult the
Cheese, Red Leicester, Wensleydale and Cheddar make quick snacks and are types of
Cooking, when the fire alarm goes off the family know I’m done
Courgettes, I once wrote a song about

Dancing, when I write something good I go
Devil, what the hell did I see in that

Education, you won’t get a good job without an
English, a mish mash of Anglo Saxon, French, German and more is
Eve, every woman is
Exodus, after the reading someone shouted, ‘to the pub’, and there was a mass

Family, you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your
Footwear, anything goes at home but to make a good impression outdoors you must conform to           regulation

Genesis, the start of all poetry is an experience of
Goliath, a mammoth of a man like this poem is
Grant, an advance for the struggling writer is a
Guy, the man down the pub who buys the poor poet a drink is

Heaven, the place a writer goes when he/she has something published is
Hell, where the poet goes when none of his/her poems are published is
Herod, see Agrippa
Homer, in despair the poet reads

Inheritance, a writer leaves a legacy of work or debts called
Irrigation, pissing on ones words is a type of

Jezabel, the woman inside who scorns my creativity is known as
Job, a form of hard labour where ONE GETS PAID!
Judas, the agent who no longer wants to represent you is
Judges, HA!

Kingdom, the imaginary world where I live is a mysterious
Kings, in my world all writers are

Law, rules that govern writing competitions are known as
Limestone, Glen Campbell sang about a cowboy called….oh no that was Rhinestone!
Lions, England has the three
Lot, as in that’s your

Music, melody is a girl who sings
Music, a song on repeat is

Numbers, I’m hopeless with
Nuts, see Almond

Oak, from my tiny acorn writing will grow works worthy of an
Oxen, animals that pull carts or writes (see Ass) are

Parable, a story!
Pens, mightier than swords are

Quail, flash fiction could be called a

Revelation, writers hope for a
Rich, most writers will never be

Scapegoat, when all goes wrong it’s good to have a
Slaves, writers need someone to supply constant beverages and food - a wife or husband, aka a

Ten Commandments, a list of do’s and don’ts for the aspiring writer are the
Textual criticism, a form of self-flagellation known as

Ur, when words run out all of a sudden say

Vulture, The person who steals your ideas before you’ve got to print may be quicker off the mark but is known as a

Wells, the places a writer draws from to create are

X, the wrong words receive an

Yogurt, a nice clean sweet alternative to chocolate is

Zealots, need I say more!

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