Tuesday, 19 April 2016

NaPoWriMo Day 19 - a 'how-to' poem meets a 'found poem'!

Well I set myself a challenge today. Thinking I would go off-prompt again I found myself with a surprise poem that fitted in it's own way. The idea for day 19 of NaPoWriMo is to write a 'how-to poem'. I was stuck for ideas and decided to do sort of 'found poem'. I chose at random about the same amount of lines (or part lines) from two books - one Britain - One Million Years of the Human Story and The Arts Good Study Guide from the Open University! I jumbled up the lines and then put them together in some sort of order. I did not add any extra words or take any out, though I did run some lines together (from different publications) and alter some punctuation. What I ended up with was a sort of 'how to' poem!

How to Study One Million Years of the Human Story

When the magnetic north and south poles trade
it is essential to learn to speak the language;
talking to others releases
large number of potentially very dangerous
humans in Europe. That this was the case -
look at each of them more closely,
cheekbones and chin.

Transportation of a great amount of kit
allows you freedom to listen to a local beach walker.
Understanding of the course you have been studying
would have served the main access point;
Certainly you are meant to think about what
an exam is when you gather
the spread of arid, cold conditions.

Be precise in analytical writing the more complicated they seem.
Fundamentally changed views?
They serve to increase the amount of the sun’s energy.
The social agenda is even more tricky!.

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