Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A submission....finally

Finally submitted!
In between looking after my son, the one with the broken knee, I have managed to finally get my first 5,000 words edited and sent it out yesterday, along with the synopsis and covering letter. I have entered a first drafts thriller/crime competition. It took far longer than I imagined to get it all right. The March issue of Writing magazine provided a good model for synopsis writing, and that came at the right time. It meant I re-wrote mine and managed to get it to one page. The competition didn't state a word limit for the synopsis, but I felt keeping it short and to the point would be best. It's now tightened up and hopefully it's written in a less confusing way! It was a huge relief to get it sent. I'm not expecting a miracle, but it's been good practice.

I am also glad that this draft is out of the way now because I have just brought my son back from hospital. After a new assessment on Monday at the Fracture Clinic it was decided to operate (the joint had moved out of alignment during the week). So I had to order a car for 6.30am yesterday (we don't have a car) to get us to the hospital by 7am. He had the operation near to lunchtime and hubby and I went to see him last night. They had fixed a brace to his knee and the kneecap is wired together. He was in great pain. It was hard seeing my son like that knowing there was nothing I could do to help. While we were there he was given two more different painkillers, the last liquid morphine and he at least seemed less agitated when we left.

I didn't sleep well, but went to choir practice even though my head was all over the place, and I was getting a running commentary from my son as to the latest (I did switch my phone off while singing!). He text me not long after I got back from choir to say they were discharging him. So, after lunch and changing his bed I set off back to the hospital. He is now ensconced in bed surrounded by his remote controls, painkillers, drink and pillows for his leg. At least he is relieved to be home, as am I. Maybe both of us will get some sleep tonight. It's going to be a long haul. It will be back to the Fracture Clinic in two weeks time for them to adjust the brace. With my manuscript out of the way I won't be tearing my hair out wondering how I will get everything done (chores have piled up).

The next thing on my list, when I feel ready, is to do the next edit of the comedy novel. This is the one I'm hoping to submit to an agent this year because it's nearer finished than anything else.

Now, it's back upstairs to see if 'his Lordship' is okay. There has been no text so maybe he is sleeping.

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