Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Review - The Withering Room

The Withering Room by Sarah Sibley is the last of the poetry books I  picked up at the Poetry Book Fair last September. It is a small booklet, just twenty pages long. The poems are mainly short so it is quick read but a great read nonetheless. Poems written about things past- lives and memory. Many poems feature the sea and many about  death and ghosts. The booklet often has a gothic feel about it. Why did I decide to buy this one? Well....I liked the title, the shortness of the book and the poems and  the subject matter had my interest. I have just done another read through as I first read this month's ago. I love Sarah's use of language, her sentence structure. It is reading poems like hers that make me reach for my notebook as my imagination is fired to write (poems have been sadly lacking in my writing lately too). Sarah finds words to describe loss in original ways that surprise. In contrast the poem Vacuum made me smile. It describes how having bought a new Dyson vacuum it's cyclonic action is balding her fifty-year-old carpets -/airlifting in them. 

A great little booklet where I find something more each time I read it. I do hope there is more to come fromantic Sarah Sibley. Click herewww.inksweatandtears.co.uk to read Sarah's poem Levitating.

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