Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Rediscovering time

In the last few days I have discovered something I thought I'd lost.....time! Since finishing my novel, and with my church and choir commitments finished, for the year I have time to read, to do things slowly, catch up with chores which have been shouting at me for ages.

Brown scones with sultanas
I have done most of the Christmas shopping (including food), all my cards and letters are written and posted. There is little to do and what there is can be done at my leisure. This is rather nice. Yesterday I cleaned the fridge (the smell as finally gone!). I found a packet of brown self raising flour in there (I keep all my flour in the fridge since the incident of the weevils!). I cannot remember what I bought this flour for. It's open but the date is useable. I decided that perhaps I should use it for something. There was a recipe on the back for some sultana scones. I have never made scones with brown flour before and was worried they might come out like bullets (I've not had a great deal of luck cooking with brown flour), but they are delicious and moist. I had one warm with butter and I've been diving in ever since,

There is also in my fridge a packet of spelt flour, unopened. What the heck did I buy that for? Well, there's a recipe on the back for some honey cookies so I think they might be next of the agenda.

I don't suppose this cooking fad will last long because for one my waist line won't stand it.Still it is nice to have the time to do it not because I have to (for the church cafe or some other bake I've offered to supply for), but just because I want to.

With all this time on my hands I feel more relaxed and am beginning to plan what else I can do! However, I am keeping my hand in with some writing - a little flash fiction, the odd short story, just for fun. There are a couple on Scriggler. Do go over and have a read if you like.

Programme for concert I took part in on Monday

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