Saturday, 19 December 2015

A quiet moment in Waterstones with poetry

My eldest son (known as 'techie') asked if I'd go Christmas shopping with him this morning. I really didn't want to go back into the madness of the huge shopping complex that is in Kingston, but I agreed as long as he would go early.

We got into Kingston at near-on nine-thirty. It wasn't too bad. A couple of times he said he needed to go off on his own for ten minutes or so and he would phone me when he was done. At one point we were in the shopping mall and I headed off to Waterstones, despite his protest of 'oh no, not Waterstones. I'll never get you out of there!' After a brief look at the books (temptation was eating into me!) I headed to the quiet corner where the poetry is. Not only did I find one of Carol Ann Duffy's Christmas poem books, but I also found a comfy chair. I proceeded to plonk myself down into it and read the whole book! Bliss.

When the call came I was ready to meet up - no faffing about. There's discipline!

I suggested we go for a pit stop in the BHS cafe for a hot chocolate before tackling anything more. I bought nothing except parsley for the guinea pigs and a pack of cookies but it was nice spending time with my son. I sometimes envy my friends who have girls because they often seem to meet for lunch or to shop. Boys don't do that. If I suggested it to my younger son (known as 'sporty'), he'd think I was crazy - I can picture the look now!

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