Saturday, 28 November 2015

Wrapping up the novel and a very busy day.

It's been a long day. We had our Christmas Fair at church today. The group I lead was doing the lunches and refreshments. But before I headed off this morning at 9.15am I'd already been writing! I am coming to the end of the novel, the comic one which has a darker context. I was getting to a big scene and wanted to get as much done as I could.Thankfully, I was able to leave it at decent cutting off point.

The fair was a big success (from our group's point of view). We took just over £400 on lunches and refreshments (main hot meal was cottage pie and apple crumble). We were very busy. I managed to get a break to wander off to the book stall (bought three books) and grab myself a mince pie and a mulled wine! I came home and watched the tennis which was very exciting and then hubby switched to another channel and there was one of my favourite films - Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home. I especially love the humour in this one.

I have since revisited my novel and written some more. I'm so close to the end now but struggling with the actual ending. This could take a while! I mean, I know what happens. It's just getting those final paragraphs written - how to leave it. The twist in the story works well, I think and I have gone with it so now. It is just how to finish up. There's a part of me that want to get it done and another part that knows it will miss my characters. My main one has been through a lot. I won't know until I edit whether I've been consistent enough or wandered him off too far from his original person. I did feel as I went along that I needed to dig deep into him or he would appear very shallow and though funny, not too likable. I hope I've managed it. I certainly found him an interesting character to write and at times I wanted to see how outrageous I could make him without losing the plot, so to speak.

As I've written I've seen certain patterns becoming evident in my writing. I have a theory on some of it but I am not saying what!

I think I may leave my novel alone for a few days now and mull. Often I find this helps and I come back ready to write again. I need to think this out in my head. It will come. I just need to be patient - not my strong point!

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