Monday, 30 November 2015

I feel I should write something very profound and sensible on this last day of NaBloPoMo. Something to do with a poetry book I've read or some wonderful tip on writing. Well, shame that, it's not happening!

I have dipped into a few poetry books that I bought from the Poetry Fair back in September but I haven't really made much headway. I am hoping to use this 'lull time' to catch up. I've spent all morning writing a long letter to a friend. I got the huge pile of ironing done and there's now another wash load drying indoors. I've been out shopping but only read half my post. The new Mslexia magazine turned up this morning. It's still in its cellophane. I haven't read the previous one yet. I am so behind with magazines and books.

And while I may not even have started my Christmas preparations I am thinking about my New Year's Resolutions - or rather my goals. Once I've really got a handle on them I might reveal them. I remember I had plans for my 60th year. What happened to those? Er......nothing. Oh I did sign up for the belly dancing classes. That's one off the list.

There will be changes next year as I step down from my role as branch leader of our Mothers' Union group at the January AGM. I have held the role for six years, the maximum allowed in one go (two terms). I am looking forward to slipping behind the scenes (a role I'm more comfortable with), though I have personally achieved a lot, going far outside my comfort zone, despite crippling fear and many sleepless nights. I did it and I survived. I think without it I may never have had the nerve to stand and read my poetry from time to time. My friends and members of the MU have been supportive and appreciated my input and that's been good to hear. I gained a lot of confidence by taking the role on, though even now I struggle sometimes and want back off. Some days I can handle it, other days not.

I have spent the last six months avoiding any other roles within MU - no to committees, no to Deanery Leader (next post up from mine). I'm not saying I couldn't do it but right now I need the break to renew my batteries and take stock. This is similar with my writing. I really need to take stock. Take time to unwind and think about where I am going - my next moves. This year has turned out to be so far from what I planned that maybe I should just give up planning altogether and go with the flow.

And so we come to the last post for November. If you've only read this blog for NaBloPoMo I do hope you will continue to drop by when you might get more sense out of me - no promises though! Thanks for reading.

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