Saturday, 7 November 2015

Hobbies - shaking my booty

Hobbies - I have too many and my friends have given up trying to guess what I will do next. The big ones have stayed throughout my life - music, sport, reading and writing, but I've taken courses on subjects such as learning to change, the ancient Olympics, textiles in Ghana, starting with psychology, religious orders, art history (Brighton Pavilion), philosophy of religion, forensics and revolutions in sound recording. Then there's the courses on writing and poetry and literature!

However, since September I have been attending a belly dancing class. I am not a Strictly fan (I'm one of very few who doesn't watch it) - my love of dance comes from Bollywood, Belly Dancing and Street Dance. I don't think I could quite hold it together for street dance - at 60 I'd be a novelty I suppose!

I've always claimed I am a late developer. Maybe I'm living my life backwards. If only the age would go backwards! Anyway, I own a coin belt and am keen to shake it and shimmer while ironing (oh yes, I do!). It is hard work, belly dancing, as you have to isolate muscles. While you are trying to master that there are arm movements and walking to contend with! Sometimes my co-ordination goes out of the window but the music invites me to dance. I cannot keep still. I now have lots of moves I can do (or at least try) and we have started putting together a dance routine in class.

This is a style of dancing I've wanted to do for years but the class clashed with other things. This year I felt it was now or never. I have to get it out of my system. With only four of us in class I can't hide! It's fast and energy sapping. One hour and you know you've had a work out.

This dancer is so fluid. Amazing to watch,. Think it might be a while before I'm this good! At least I can  do some of these moves.

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