Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Going more mobile

An exciting day has dawned. I am at present charging up my new Samsung Galaxy Tab S! For a while now I've been considering going a little more mobile - I love my laptop but it's heavy to drag around. So I did a little research through Which? magazine, the techie son (who always wants me to buy the top of the range...whose money is this?) and some online reviews. For the price range I was looking at this seemed to come out top.

I got a great deal through Tesco, plus some of hubby's Tesco vouchers, and ordered it on Saturday. Just been over there to collect it.

Now I'm not great at technical stuff but I am determined to get to grips with this. I will probably have to resort to asking techie son, but I will do what I can myself. After all the other day I resolved an issue with my phone...the one that was once his....which he couldn't resolve! How proud was I of that! You can tell there is some rivalry here! I hate to be beaten. Still, it's good to know he's around to help me. As I'm off out shortly I won't get much chance to do much with it today. I'm going to take it slow and try to drag myself into the modern world of technology.

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