Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Some hiccoughs but we got there in the end...sort of!

It's been a strange day but I've had a laugh over it. Yesterday I received news that the piece of flash fiction I had submitted to Paragraph Planet had been accepted and was going to be published on their site today. Excitedly I checked it out this morning to find they had linked it to someone else's Twitter account! I contacted them and they later apologised and said they had deleted the post and put up a new one with the right Twitter link. Someone else noticed that they had also linked it to a wrong page on their site! The poor guy must have wondered if this would ever go right. It did. However, the Twitter post had used the wrong first word from my piece - it said 'We' when it should have been 'He'. Someone else pointed that one out - I hadn't the heart! The main thing is the link is right now and the words on my entry on their page uses the right word.

This is the second time I have used an extract from one of my longer pieces of writing to send Paragraph Planet (and had it published). At 75 words exactly it's hard. I did have to slightly edit the piece to fit the word count both times but that is a sacrifice I am happy to make. Today's offering is from a chapter of my Adventures of Austin Stapley novel which I am still writing.

So that's the first thing. Next came a challenge to myself to write a ghost story....well at least something spooky. I have wanted to have a go at another short story, and as I have been reading Susan Hill's Printer's Devil Court short novel I wondered if I could attempt something. It is not my preferred genre (though I like a good fright), even so I decided to have a go. So before I went out this morning I began a piece of work. I have started as usual with just faint idea of something but no real plot! However, I am rather pleased with the way it is going and managed to get down around 1,500 words. I have yet to read back what I've written, so it could be utter rubbish!

On the bus this morning my head was full of idea as to where this story was going and I have scenes in my head waiting for the page. Buses are great places to think! Anyway, I am taking a break from my 'Austin' novel to have a go at something completely different.

The bus was taking me to my choir practice. We have several concerts and singing offers coming up from the start of December so today we launched into White Christmas! I am afraid the enthusiasm wasn't quite there. We also did the chorus from Gaudete and then part of Carol of the Bells (which I love). I know Christmas is coming but I try to avoid it as long as possible. Still with DFS having been promising their sofa deliveries by Christmas for some weeks now, I know I am defeated! We will shortly be doing a whole session of carol practice at choir. The town centre has their Christmas lights up. It's coming!

(PS if you are reading this after the 28th Oct. you will find my piece in the archive section on Paragraph Planet)

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