Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A little light poetry

What a strange morning. My brother is coming to see me today. He's already on the train from Sussex and I'm sitting here in my PJ's writing silly poetry. I'm in rhyming mood, and listening to my daily dose of music got the creative juices flowing. Considering I've not written any poetry in  a while I'm happy to be writing some humorous stuff which will probably never get published but is fun to write nevertheless. So, I thought I'd share these two 'hot of the press' poems before I go and get dressed. Enjoy!


When I die there had better be music in the heavenly sky,
angels with harps are all very fine but rock needs to be sharp
and raging, bull like, full throttle loud, a pounding fuel
of rhythmic beat, something to generate heat, to move my feet,
to make me dance; oh Lord, say there’s a chance of trance
to plug into, don’t take the rug from underneath this bug
of a dream, this obsession where I lean into a guitar scream,
a riff, gliding strings, a gift of ear shattering sound, a hanging cliff
of expectation, tumbling through clouds of melodic sensation,
tensing the body, ripping the soul, muscles sensing every menacing
return to chorus, every bridge and reverb to the sky god Horus.

God give me a sign, that it will be fine up there, and music will be mine!

Styles (or a journey around Word)

Tool bar, oh tool bar on my home page
your defaults are set and this is your stage,
from here I select my fonts and my spacing,
my paragraph style and then I am racing,
typing my words, line upon line
so fast that my head is away in time,
and my fingers stumble over the keys
but inside my mind my words are a breeze.
I choose an alignment, bold type to highlight,
black is the colour and italics that lean to the right.
’Headers and Footers’ are for numbers
and important things, it certainly encumbers -
lots of alternatives for writers like me,
but there are still things I don’t understand, you see.
My research tools are found in ‘Review’,
the spelling, the grammar, and I bet you knew
that the Thesaurus is here, though I prefer Collins
the fount of all knowledge and he always wins!
‘References’ is a language unfamiliar to me
though I used ‘footnotes’ on essays because you see
they not included in the word count when I submit,
so you can footnote until your heart’s content.
‘Insert’ has all manner of flashy things
like Word Art, text box and drop caps with wings,
tables for formatting exciting presentations,
page breaks and clip art beyond expectations,
‘Mailings’ are a thing of the past – complicated -
mind blowing tabs I no longer use and still much hated,
but in page layout you can alter margins and orientation,
that’s nothing sexual just a tool at your work station,
a flipping turner from the artists world
and then there are columns to be unfurled,
‘View’ is a tab I don’t use a lot
never found a use, really, but I’m sure it’s got
a lot to say for itself if I try to understand
but there’s so much already, strand after strand.
So you see there is so much your Word programme can do,
now the rest, my friends, is up to you!

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