Saturday, 28 February 2015

Writing 201:P Poetry (last day) Sonnet

Ahh! a day late with this. The last poetry prompt which I should have submitted yesterday is a sonnet on the theme of the future and with the device of  chiasmus. Mmmmm not come across that before. It is where A and B are repeated as B and A. I managed (finally) to get one in!

My sonnet could do with editing probably and the strict iambic pattern isn't true but rules are there to be broken!

I turned to a subject close to my heart. We have to believe in a future for all  mankind.

This is the end of the challenge. It has been interesting and fun. I've learned a few new devices I'd not come across before and I was pleased to see some unusual forms cropping up. However, it was nice to end with an old traditional form, one I've struggled with over the years but have got to rather like.

Making a difference

Sometimes it is hard to see a way through
With all the gloom the media paint us,
Faces sunken as they stare back at you
Bellies swollen, too weak to make a fuss
And pitted buildings, bomb sites once a home
Now broken like those who used to live there
And with what they can carry they leave to roam
Across the dusty earth where some will care
And give them hope to live and live to hope
That one day they’ll be peace but do they dare
To dream somewhere will be theirs upon this globe?
So sign petitions march or send a gift
However small will count, the tide will shift.

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