Thursday, 26 February 2015

Writing 201: Poetry (Day 9) - Found poems

I love writing Found poetry and today the prompt was landscape, found, lists.

I must admit this is rushed. I just grabbed a Winchester Explorer Guide sitting next to me and used that. If I had more time I would do something a bit more adventurous and use more than one source. I remember doing one for The Poetry School but I think there were other restrictions to the form. I can't remember what they were. Anyway, I'll return to found poems in the future because I love having a go and creating odd pieces of poetry, something a bit wacky from lines/words picked out of magazines and rearranged.


Unspoilt, one hour from London,
the freshness, beauty –
see it – manual and powered
wheelchairs available;
maps, walking guides,
major sites,
highlights – the seat of King Arthur,
the Cathedral,
England as it ought to be,
don’t take our word for it,
enjoy for a snapshot,
silver discs, follow the footsteps -

welcome vibrant explorer.

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