Monday, 29 December 2014

Post Christmas?

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I finally succumbed to the virus doing the rounds and after a week of a bad throat and hacking cough the cold broke on Boxing Day. Thankfully I wasn't entertaining over Christmas - it was just the four of us - so I was able to get rest and have been vegetating in front of the TV, reading, sleeping and helping with the annual jigsaw puzzle when I felt like it.

On Christmas Day morning while I still feeling pretty okay I was, as usual, first up. I love that time alone with a CD of Christmas carols and a mug of tea, candles lighting the room. And guess what I was also doing? I was editing some old poems!

Reading wise I have some poetry books by my bedside and instead of reading a chapter of my current book I've been reading a few poems before I go to sleep. I've just finished Christopher James' England Underwater. This is the third collection of his I've read and I thoroughly enjoy his quirkiness. The poems are beautiful, often unusual and amusing and stimulate the mind (where does he get his ideas from?). I shall have to track down the missing volume from my collection of his work. They are poems I will read again and no doubt get something new out of.

I've now taken the Emma Press Anthology of Motherhood upstairs. I started reading it earlier in the year but it's been sitting on the coffee table for ages without a look. So, this has become my plan - to read poetry before I retire to sleep!

So to make up for not getting here to wish every one a happy Christmas I'd like now to wish all my readers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. Come back soon!

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