Saturday, 20 December 2014

Areopagus Anthology now available

The Areopagus Anthology is now out. A bit disappointing that more of those who write for the quarterly magazine did not contribute but great to have something to celebrate 100 issues of the magazine. Their 25th anniversary issue which arrived a couple of days ago had a great article about the magazine's beginnings including the old Amstrad computer the editor worked on and to keep up with production took it away with him to a work's conference, including the printer - something unheard of in the days before laptops.  Certain remarks were made by his colleagues, especially about the noisy printer working in the evenings! This brought back memories of early computers I worked with including a dot matrix printer (which is still in the attic).

Anyway, the anthology can be brought through Amazon on Kindle for £2.06. Do take a look (I have a poem in there!)

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