Wednesday, 3 December 2014

After disappointment comes......

After the disappointment of yesterday came news that Areopagus are printing the two poems I sent them in their Christmas issue. After all these years (they've been publishing me for quite a number of years now) I've recently been chatting via email with the editor about writing, self publishing and books. We seem to have a lot in common and it is nice to have someone else to chat to about writing as I find it a lonely occupation at times. My friends just don't understand my obsession!

At my Friday sport session I got chatting to a lady who is relatively new and we also found we had a lot in common. She writes poetry and she seems to have the same sense of humour as me (a bit off the wall at times!). We are going to swop poems on Friday! It was great to talk to someone and not feel guilty about talking so much about writing.

I've always avoided writing groups but I'm wondering whether I should join one or perhaps to attend a few courses. These are things I am contemplating in those odd moments when I have time at the moment.

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