Monday, 17 November 2014

Seventeen days in - obsessed and tired (NaNoWriMo 2014)

I have to admit I've become obsessive over this novel. In the last few days I have been packing in the words and setting my own targets. I live this story and find it very hard to switch off. In fact the longest I've gone without something flitting through my mind was when playing sport on Friday morning! I wake in the night and think about it. In the mornings when I get up I'm full of it and I'm on my laptop almost straightaway. I leave it to go and do something else and I'm working through new scenes. I might go back and write a bit more. I'm conscious of not unraveling everything too quickly. I change pace with new scenes in the hope the reader will want to go on. I throw in some lighter scenes between the more dramatic/serious stuff and try to forget whether my plots are plausible, whether I am running rough-shod over the way the Police work. Hell, I will have a lot of research to do at the end and probably lots of reading,

My novel is taking me to places I never dreamed of. Maybe I should have known by my characters and situations but I didn't quite see it coming.

I like all my characters really, even the obnoxious ones! I created them. But sometimes I think I need a break from them. I was wondering whether I dare to have a day off from them tomorrow. It's been so full on lately and I am well on the way now that one day off won't be the end of it all (I've written just over 36,000 words now). Maybe it will help me see things clearer, give me a chance to let things settle before I head on into the last 15,000 words. There is life out there apparently but I think I've forgotten. I feel tired and often I've found it a lonely process. I've tried to find someone to buddy up with on the NaNoWriMo website but no luck so far and I don't wish to spend too long on the forums as like Facebook, it takes me away from actually writing.

I've done my words for today. I think I'll just slip away into a book and live some other characters' lives for a while!

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