Tuesday, 4 November 2014

NaNoWriMo - day four

You know when your're a writer when your mind wanders during an art history class and you begin to try and sort out your plot! If only I could!

It's true. I found my mind drifting several times this morning and had to pull it back. Actually the class was interesting because we were looking at Land Art which I quite enjoy but I kept thinking about how I would get another 1,600 odd words written today. Actually, I've only written about 1,400 but one thing I have realised in this challenge, there is no time to edit. I've quickly looked back at things and seen a few typos and a great big contradiction between two scenes written on consecutive days. Right now I don't feel I have time to put them right. The challenge seems more about word counts than content and as long as when I upload my novel at the end of the month I have achieved the magic 50,000 that's all that matters.One day maybe I will have time to go back an edit!

I'm still stuck for a title, my plot is all over the place and I really need to pin this down soon. I have several suspect/plot ideas but need to make a decision and stop faffing around. I'm also wondering if my novel is fast turning in to a farce but I do like a certain amount of humour in my stories. Another problem I have is who's viewpoint is this being told from? I pretty sure I know but I need to develop this character more.

And yet another problem is encountering things I know nothing of. There is a reference page on the NaNoWritMo website (made very interesting reading, can't wait to see the books!) but didn't find anything I needed there. Asked hubby in the end. His knowledge of science and pyrotechnics (don't even ask!) is pretty good.

One thing I can see coming is one hell of a major edit - a complete re-write. Am I stressing too much? Probably.

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