Friday, 7 November 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014 - day 7 - 'in the zone'

Thought for the day : You know you are a writer when you spend more time with your characters than you do with your own family.

It's fast becoming like this. On the other hand over the last few days I have started to understand my characters. They are becoming real to me and this has helped the writing process. There are still lots of things that remain unclear but gradually the story is falling into place. I'm working out connections, plots, decided who my main character is (phew!) and done a bit of research as I go. It all helps. Also the discrepancies have been sorted. I had several and they annoyed me so I decided as I was on target I would spend a little time editing mistakes and actually increased my word count!

Draw backs - I find myself drifting into plots and next scenes at odd times when I'm not writing. The whole thing is taking over my life. But that's good, it means I am 'in the zone'. I've stopped worrying so much about words counts (for the most part, but I like to see them racking up!) and am concentrating on the story.

I have a routine. I write mainly when I get up once I've had a cup of tea and feel awake enough. So writing starts around 7-7.30am and I keep going until about 9am or later if I have time. When time is short I have a second session later in the day when I can fit it in. I have become obsessive about the music I write by to. I was interested to see on the NaNoWriMo  website other writers mentioning the music they write by. I found one writer's playlist on Spotify. While I loved the music (very much my thing) it was too relaxing! I have to have dynamic, energising stuff. I've tried all sorts of music in the past but I keep coming back to Trance and now it is my chosen music every time I write. The one I am using now from my playlist on YouTube runs for just over three hours! It has it's quieter moments but mainly it's fast and keeps me writing. First off I played several different Trance sequences but now I'm down to just the one. As soon as the music starts it my cue to write. Strangely I was about to listen to it while writing this blog but I couldn't. It's my writing track and nothing else at the moment! It actually felt wrong.

Everyday I go on to the NaNoWriMo website to see what's happening, go into the forums and add to my word count. I'm chuffed I have my second badge - for 10,000 words and now it's the big haul to the next milestone. At present my word count stands at 12,423 and I am on target to complete by the end of the month if I keep it up.

I think in a previous post I kind of moaned that content wasn't important but I was struggling in the beginning - very much so. What I hope to have at the end of the month is a rough draft to work with. It's also a big boost to my confidence that my imagination is still working and I've managed to unearth a story. I just wish my ideas had come a few days before the challenge started!

I'm finding it difficult to switch off and meals in the household get cobbled together with whatever I can find. I actually went shopping the other day! Luckily hubby has been in a soup making mood and my oldest offspring over ordered pizza the other night so there were pieces left the next day! I've become a scavenger.

I've had a couple of excellent writing days which is a boost. I'm sure there will be more lows but for now I'm happy with the way it's all going.

I'll check back again soon and let you know how it's all progressing.

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