Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A poem on display at the Willis Museum

Something to celebrate...and I am HAPPY. My poem Aftermath which came out of a poetry workshop last month is now on display in the Willis Museum, Basingstoke with other poems by those who attended the workshops as well as poem by The Basingstoke Writer's Circle. The poems are in a book as part of the gallery exhibits for the Artists Rifles exhibition. My poem was based on the John Nash lithograph German Double Pill Box, Gheluvelt. I wonder if I have time to go and see it before the exhibition moves on!


  1. This is great news, Heather! Did you get to go and see it? I like the art-work too. Is that one of yours?! Hope all's well with you :) x

  2. Thanks for the comment. The artwork is John Nash's and what I based my poem on (if only I could draw like that!). I didn't get the chance to see my poem in the book. I suggested to Angela who I met at the Winchester Poetry Festival that perhaps the book could go with the exhibition to Gosport and she thought this an excellent idea because writers in that area might like to add to it. She was going to suggest it but I don't know if it happened.
    Hope your editing is going well