Saturday, 30 August 2014

The frustration of competitions

The rejections are coming in now. Three or four more and I will have a complete set! The judge of the US Found Poetry competition thought my entry was too clever and not really a poem - what does that mean?  It's strange but I really don't care right now yet other times when I get rejections I get very down.

Although I took pens and paper with me on my walking holiday I did no writing at all. Now I'm back I've been thinking about my novel and while I was relaxing listening to music yesterday I had a light bulb moment about the ending. I'm getting towards that point....the finish is in sight.

I put in an entry to the Star Writing Fiction Facebook page (500 word story on loss) and voting started the day I left for my holiday so I put my votes in before I left. When I came back someone had asked if they could vote for their own entry and was told yes you can! Am I missing something here? I give up!

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