Saturday, 19 April 2014

Keeping track of the runners!

Current system of keeping note!
I've started cataloging my poetry at long last. The current system where I write things down in a book as I send them out and then make notes about whether it was accepted or rejected  is becoming a nightmare. The book goes back to 1991 with big gaps when I wasn't writing and includes stories, articles, letters and flash fiction. The trouble is that now I am writing more and re-submitting poems it's getting harder to keep tabs on it, like where the piece has been before.

How do others file their submissions? Maybe there is no one way and a few years ago this didn't matter as much. Hubby says put it all on a spreadsheet but I hate spreadsheets and I like to have something NOT on a computer to refer to. All my poetry is on computer of course but not where it goes. Anyway I have a file now and have a master sheet I use for each poem which includes title, whether published, where and when. Also I have included space for writing down the different places I have sent it to and whether it was rejected/accepted as well as space for the poem itself. I am already running out of room in the file and I have only just finished poems beginning with the letter 'M'.

I also have some early drafts which I am putting in the back of the file and there's a section for my 'small stone' poetry.

The experience is quite interesting because I can see how my writing has developed and improved over the years. Also other strange things come I have masses of poems with titles falling into the A-C category (I know there will be tons when I get to 'T'!). When I trawl though poems on my computer looking for something I often skip things because I think I know which poems they are. Well, obviously not! I've found things I'd forgotten about that need just a little work and I can submit. Having the file will enable me to browse through things and pick out something to work on easier that I would on the computer. My only question is why didn't I do this before?

The new file

I also know that I have poems on  a memory stick.....really old stuff, most of which I think I do have hard copies of, but many of those could do with editing. Maybe one day I'll get round to those. Then of course there is all the handwritten stuff, some is on computer but some not. This might take a LONG time to fully complete but it's well worth doing.

When this main part is finished I shall analyse my findings. I'm sure that will fun. For now I'm almost out of paper so I'll have to leave it until I can get to Tesco for some more.

Meanwhile going okay. I think I lost my way a bit last week and when I come to edit I may have to cut some chunks but they stay for now. I've had a good run the last two days but I need to think through the next section. As I'm away next weekend work will probably slow down anyway. I have never worked so hard at writing-related stuff before but there is satisfaction in spending so much time on it. I'm finding it very productive in more ways than one.

HAPPY EASTER.....don't overdo the chocolate!

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  1. Hi H! I like your new filing/logging system. Having never seriously written poetry or shorts I've never needed anything so robust, but I can see that it will be very useful to you. I do, I confess, use spreadsheets. To be honest, I only used them for tracking where I'd sent novels at first, but I've had to use one for ABNORMAL because my notebook is utterly stuffed and haphazardly organised! I kept having to re-read the whole notebook just to trace something relevant! Anyway, good luck with this and Happy Easter. (I've already eaten too much chocolate.) xx