Friday, 3 January 2014

Deadlines will be the death of me!

I have just ordered the Mslexia Writer's Diary. Yesterday I realised that I need to keep better records of work. I do have a notebook where I write what I have sent out, the date it went and to whom and sometimes I write when the winners will be informed (if it's for a comp). I also record rejections and acceptances but it's those deadlines for up-and-coming submissions that get me.  I read them and mentally record them which means I either check back too late and the deadline has passed or I find I have a day or two left and then panic to find something suitable!

Yesterday afternoon I dug out the OU Poets stuff to get my votes in for the Anthology and saw that I actually had until nearly the end of February to do it....BUT the deadline for poetry for the next workbook was 6th January!  So began a hectic search through my files.  I can submit up to three poems but this time I submitted two along with my comments on the last editions poetry.  Thank heavens for email!  Good girl that I am I then sorted out my votes and sent those out and renewed my subscription.

Some years ago my hubby bought me the Mslexia Diary and I loved it so I know I shall enjoy this years one when it arrives as it brims over with information, resources and contacts as well as space to record all those submissions and deadlines.  Maybe I will finally get my writing life a little more organised!

I've put a new list of competitions up here on the side with deadlines!  The list covers poetry, short stories, flash fiction and pamphlets.  Good luck.

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