Thursday, 25 July 2013

#wpad July challenge - Ways to get motivated


I could say see post for day 20 (What motivates me!) because a lot of that applies.  As it happens today I have been to a workshop at The Poetry School in London on the theme Poetry of Place with Ann Sansom. The morning session was devoted to writing and Ann got us writing from the first moment by giving us a sentence to start us off.  We wrote poems with various prompts - from postcards that we'd been asked to take with us, from prompts Ann gave us and we shared these if we wanted to with the rest of the class. After lunch we gathered to share a poem we had written either in class or one we had prepared earlier.  We shared firstly with the person next to us, getting feedback, editing in necessary and then we shared our poem with the whole class discussing what changes, if any, were made.   I came away with lots of draft poems and ideas for others.  These I can now develop at home.

So, attending a workshop or course is a great way to get you motivated.  I tend to schedule my writing to the academic year and begin collecting brochures - physically or online - before the start of new terms.  Then I look through them all and see what I feel is right for me at this point.  Courses and workshops are great ways to generate new work.  I can only speak for poetry here, though recently I did attend a workshop at Morley College on flash fiction which was good fun (and I came away with some hand-out sheets).  So go for it, learn what you can, get feedback and above all write!

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