Tuesday, 30 July 2013

#wpad July challenge - My current project


The recommended book
Some posts ago I mentioned that I started my creative life off through songwriting.  Life is strange because as it happens a friend who knows how I continually enjoy learning recommended the website coursera to me. It's an American site but all the courses are free and taught through video lectures, quizzes and assignments. I decided to take a look.  There are a multitude of subjects, several I fancied but some were twenty weeks long and I didn't want to commit to that right now, especially when I hadn't done anything with them before and wasn't sure how much time I would need to study. Then up popped a course in songwriting over six weeks.  I read all the blurb and on impulse I signed up!

I am now attempting my second assignment (week two) and evaluating the first assignment of five fellow students (anonymously).  I am doing it not to form a career in songwriting but for pleasure.  However, I am also finding it useful for my writing because a lot of the techniques in songwriting are similar to techniques for poetry.  There are chances for students to upload a song and I will need help with that (enter IT techie son from stage right!).  

I have found with this course that I have had to unlearn some of my methods of lyric writing.  That's been hard.  I always studied songs and then use my instinct, but one thing I have got right is song structure which I've been using since I was eighteen.  Week two has been very informative and this morning I have written a verse and chorus!  Maybe I'll even be tempted to did out my guitar again.

(this is in response to a prompt from the writesofluid website)

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