Sunday, 28 July 2013

#wpad July challenge - Marketing strategy


Do I need one yet?  I don't have a book or pamphlet out in the big wide world, just some poems published in various magazines and anthologies which I do mention here when I blog.  Until I do have something people can actually buy I just share my successes here, on Facebook and sometimes on Twitter.

The other day I re-sorted one my shelves and in the process sorted through my writing stuff.  Bits of paper had got filed in the wrong place so I went through it all.  I was amazed that I had more for my 'success' file than I remembered.  Stuff from the early days, readers letters, an article, poems I'd forgotten about.  It made me feel rather good!  My ideas file is now completely separate.  This also contains articles ripped from magazines on how to write a novel (well, you never know I might have a go one day!) and the articles from the Daily Mail with their offer of having your own book published. I spoke about this in a post recently.

In the meantime I have done a little self promotion on the writesofulid web site as I was kindly asked if I would be an interviewee for July.  To read it go to the website and click on interviews.

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