Thursday, 4 July 2013

#wpad July challenge - Favourite Film Character

My hero


I had to think about this one but in the end I was swayed by who plays the character.  Okay, I'll admit that it's John McClane, the Die Hard character played by Bruce Willis.  Why?  Well apart from the fact that I first drooled over him in the US series Moonlighting (anyone remember that?) and I had a picture of him on my wall at work (Oh it's all coming out now,) you have to admit that you would want him in your corner in a tricky situation! He never gives up, despite going through windows, being shot at, doing totally impossible things and surviving.  Throughout all this he manages to keep his sense of humour and still look sexy!

The first Die Hard film also starred Alan Rickman....who I also drooled over.  Loved the German accent!
I haven't seen the latest Die Hard film, but my son says it's not very good.  But if I want I can watch one of the Die Hard movies on TV virtually every night.  When Christmas comes around and I hear Let it Snow, it's Happy Die Hard Season!  Mentally I go back there. I cannot hear that song without thinking of Bruce Willis.

There you go.  So, want to share your favourite film character?

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