Thursday, 11 July 2013

#wpad July challenge - Best non-fiction read


I read a great many books over a year and possibly a quarter of them may be non-fiction.  I read a lot of faith-based books and some of those have been really thought provoking but I could not pick out one book from the non-fiction genre as a 'best'.  In fact it's hard enough picking one best fiction book!

There have been many inspirational books on writing where I have tried new exercises in writing and I dip in and out of these from time to time, especially when I get in a rut.

So there are no recommendations, nothing that has stayed in the brain that I can offer you.  I do prefer fiction  and get withdrawal symptoms without one on the go but often I will read a fiction and non-fiction at the same time.  At present I am in the between stage as I have just finished Monsoon Memories, a first fiction book  by Renita D'Silva.  Her descriptions of India are filled with exotic aromas of spices and cooking, colours and sounds, the plants and trees.  I can imagine being there.  I very  much enjoy books set in India or the Middle East and this one did not disappoint.  The story is full of secrets, family loyalty and a mystery to be solved.  I have one non-fiction book I've recently started but I also have a book at the library waiting for me to collect which is non-fiction, Under The Tuscan Sun by Frances Maye.  Having been to Italy this year I am into everything Italian and picked up the second book at a charity shop for 50p but would rather like to read the first book first.  The library have had to search around other libraries to get a copy but now it has arrived so I may go down today and pick it up.

Do let me know what your favourite non-fiction book is if you have one.

Just a thought - does anyone else keep a list of the books they've read?  I used to just write them down in an exercise book but now I have graduated to a folder with alphabetical tabs for authors.  Tell me I'm not weird!

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