Thursday, 13 June 2013

Looking for places to write

These guys weren't there - mores the pity!
Finally got around to sussing out the coffee shop in B&Q this morning.  It was empty and had those nice comfy sofas....ahh!  I ordered a tea and sat down by the window (in a comfy sofa) and got out the poetry book I have been working through off and on (a teach yourself variety).  Read through a chapter and then got down to some writing.  The writing wasn't great and turned more into a page and a half of lines that might one day be condensed into a poem or even flash fiction.  I'd call them 'notes' really, but at least I did write.  A few people came up to the cafe.  It seems that this might double as a staff cafe as the people mainly wore B&Q polo shirts, but there were other customers.  The only distracting thing, well two actually, is that there is a wide screen TV on, but not loudly and the signal kept going.  Eventually I managed to switch off from it. The other thing is the tanoy system which luckily isn't loud and I can live with it.

The road isn't as noisy as I thought it would be but the building shakes sometimes from the heavy vehicles passing.  Everything looked quite green from up in the cafe and if it wasn't for the DFS store and Harvey's I'd be able to see my house!  I think I might go there sometimes, maybe even have lunch, as the prices seem reasonable.  It made a nice relaxing end to the morning after cleaning the kitchen - my reward.

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