Monday, 20 May 2013

Looking for somewhere to write

Yesterday afternoon I went where all families spend their Sunday's now - B&Q, the temple of DIY.  I was there to get some plants for some very neglected tubs in the front garden but I was also sussing out the Costa Coffee shop upstairs.  I think it was open but I could only see one person up there so this might prove a good place to go to for uninterrupted writing sessions.  It is only five minutes or so walk from me and though it overlooks a busy main road it could be just what I need.  I'll have to make a proper visit soon to see whether this works for me.  I don't know if they have the comfy sofas/chairs but I hope so but even if not then if it is quiet then who knows I might book a regular morning there.

I am trying to find a couple of poems to send out but I really need to get writing regularly again.  Things have slipped because of courses I've been attending then a holiday.  I have a story to edit and I've not even started.  It's a bit like the blank page syndrome - I can't get going.  I guess we all get like this but the only person who can change things is me.

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